DANIEL KITSON "Where Once Was Wonder" Comedian

Presented by Brisbane Powerhouse & Higgledy Piggledy

Brisbane Powerhouse / Friday,13th April 2012 / 7pm

Rated: MA15+(I assume)

                                                                    Review by Warrick Fraser

Through a pleasant demeanour & disarming face, comes an intoxicating slew of words that defy description.

That would be the start of describing Daniel Kitson's comedy act. If you could imagine George Carlin on methamphetamine with less

political savvy & more everyday adventurous tale telling. That might still not suffice.

For Mr.Kitson strides a little outside of comedic fare into the realm of evocative thought then quickly back again.

                                                                   His touring repertoire is two types of shows. One with continuos focused narrative, the

                                                                   other more free form. This show was the latter. All his work contains several central plots,

                                                                   tonight's theme of 'what life means' to him, wrapped in three stories but primed for many

                                                                   multi-lateral spin-offs & machine-gunned-moments of verbal fire. Baked piglets, facial hair, 

                                                                   unrequited love & loads of familiar subjects ebb & flow with reborn characteristics. This is

                                                                   like listening to a european made experimental sports car trialling the rev counter.

                                                                   What stutter?

                                                                   Indeed, it becomes clear in the first twenty minutes of performance, that we sit amidst

                                                                   brushfires of vivid wit in everyday circumstances, poured through a fine sieve of

                                                                   ever-changing coloured narrative. Beyond his obvious charm & immense humour, you

                                                                   begin to wonder where he will change course in the oral onslaught & what are the true

                                                                   nature of conflicting or paradoxical ideologies presented in ongoing stages?

He is not the first entertainer to have a lark at human nature or modern apathy. It's always refreshing

& important to mirror the status quo through all the art mediums. But, by golly, it's fun & entertaining.

And that is further forked-tongue fodder to poke fun at the transparent social etiquette & banal gesturing

of any particular audience. And his fans, whom have generated without overt advertising or typical hype,

would expect nothing less. (Just to note, this is considered an MA15+ show. And I doubt if younger minds

could consume at the same rate of Mr.Kitson's rapid delivery)

Beyond the million word vocabulary, and the joyful technique of self-depreciating & self-aggrandisement

in one paragraph, lies a perfect smorgasbord of anti-anecdotal anecdotes. I wonder what would develop

if he turned his serrated outbursts toward the current political landscape & brought down a few imperial

wanna-be's into the public servant status originally intended for them.

He is unique & enigmatic, beyond the cliche & back again. As only few in their natural state,

in this field have been. And that makes him a very important figure in modern comedy.