"RRAMP" Rock/Comedy/Theatre 

Created & Performed by Christine Johnston, Lisa O'Neill,

Peter Nelson & Ahmarnya Price

Presented by Brisbane Powerhouse & Mobile States

Brisbane Powerhouse / Saturday, 28th Jul 2012 / 8.30pm

Rated: PG(I assume)

                                                  Review by Warrick Fraser

From a soft projected funnel of light we see the chiselled, unique features of Christine Johnston

(Fluff, The Kransky Sisters). In silhouette, wait the presence of Lisa O'Neill (Fluff, Pipe Manager,

The Pineapple Queen) & Peter Nelson (Fluff, musician & media artist). A sense of enigma gently

emanates from their pseudo-suede sci-fi wardrobe. As they say, this isn't their first rodeo, this

talented trio. No one will be disappointed tonight.

I find myself smiling as a synthetic pulse enters the theatrical space & the low, sultry, well-timbered

vocals of Mizz Johnston slowly speak to tonight's full house. An over-saturated guitar twang punctuates

a moment of her song. From the music itself, I can already feel the black humour creeping across my skin.

Eventually, these characters emerge - The Collector, The Archivist, The Electrocrat. With Christine

singing, strutting, yodelling, barking & waffling through their seemingly bombastic yet totally benign

predicament. Lisa contorting & gyrating, Peter juggling instruments throughout. Projected above them,

the bizarre & enticing animated scrawling of Melbourne artist Ahmarnya Price.

It's a show of many mediums. Quaint little tales given a touch of gothic, rock n' roll vaudeville. Blackened

tongue firmly in cheek. I'm not sure I can reveal any more of this show without revealing it's brilliant simplicity.

You know those moments you stop & say ' that was really cool'? This is one of them.

An unobvious nod to Vincent Price, the Adams Family, Gorilla's pop rock & the sense from flamboyant

montages in French films. Adapted to an Australian theme. It's all darkly funny, outlandish but also subtle,

yet perfect for family entertainment. How can the tale of dog & chicken friends be so original & satisfying?

I hope it gets another run for wider audiences soon. Local talent with international flair should be the

demand of all theatre goers. This is at it's freshest & best.